Tuesday, August 11, 2009

100 faces

As I embark on my latest project tentatively referred to as "1oo Faces" I have received several messages asking where progress of the project can be seen. Unfortunately, the bulk of the project will remain unveiled until its opening. But I thought in the meantime I could update this in efforts to avoid creative dry spells that happen when working without direct deadlines.

Right now in my project I believe myself to have completed 23 faces. (Yes, as handful of them are posted in this blog's only previous post - so that is somewhat the only preview I will make available).

Being someone who likes to organize my thoughts with lists, be that verbal or constructed, I find this format may be a good outlet for that purpose. That & I will be posting random drawings that amuse me despite their their lack of intent to go anywhere else but a personal museum of chuckles.


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